Philosophy and Mission

The Mission

Our mission: To help Clients maximize the smartest approach to home ownership and property investing.  We accomplish this by employing and training only professional, courteous, and enthusiastic Agents eagerly prepared to assist with the fulfillment of this process.  This will be accomplished by educating Agents to realize our business intentions and opportunities through the unwavering attention and power of networking, guidance, and resolution brilliance.


SmartWay Realty is a solid Real Estate concept that just makes sense for the Client and the Agent.  It is definitely a win/win for all parties involved.  Our philosophy is based on a simple set of principles:


Our personnel is our strength. SmartWay Realty's  Corporate Staff offers more than 25 years experience in listing, selling, marketing, management and team building.  SmartWay Realty is a full service real estate company that has partnered with some of the largest industries in the world.  We employ highly-skilled and motivated individuals to provide our clientèle with the utmost attention, devotion, and dedication. We care about our workforce and train them weekly to keep them apprised of all advancements in their respective industries. We empower each individual to make decisions with minimal administration oversight.


We practice a relatively transparent business model, keeping our clientèle fully informed of the entire transaction and ensuring that they comprehend all possible aspects of the transaction before we solidify any commitment. We strive for long-term relationships and clients who are willing to attain their objectives with our help.


We meet or exceed each of our goals and promises; otherwise, we do not make them. We do not take lightly our commitments. Adhering to our statements and promises is not a point to be pondered at SmartWay Realty; it is an automatic reaction.


Quality of service is the foundation of our practice. We use advanced tools and techniques to track all of our transactions to ensure that we deliver a strong solution. Quality service from a team of well trained professionals is a must.


With the rate at which the world is changing daily, it is often difficult to know where the boundaries lie. While this can be of concern to many, with a leader like the SmartWay Realty Team by your side the current conditions generate endless possibilities for the Client and the Organization. We strive to consider the world the way that the most advanced, tech-savvy individual sees it, in this way, we provide to our clients services that are cutting edge, impressive, and useful.

SmartWay Realty has entered into an exclusive agreement with The SmartWay Business System, LLC.  The SmartWay Business System provides advertising, marketing, and training for SmartWay Realty.  The SmartWay Business System is an independent company operated solely and separately of SmartWay Realty.  This powerful relationship has allowed SmartWay Realty Agents to be trained by some of the world's top successful businessmen/ businesswomen.  SmartWay Realty Agents receive training in areas far more than just real estate.  We believe that in order to be successful in life, one must be well informed in many areas of life not just their occupation. So with that being said, this agreement between SmartWay Realty and The SmartWay Business System allows agents to make the wise choice when faced with day to day decisions.  The SmartWay Business System focuses on empowering agents with the wisdom, understanding and power to thrive in any market!

SmartWay Realty Corp.