SmartWay Realty services the needs of homeowners and investors, both large and small. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs, investors and business associates began building SmartWay Realty to bring stability, security, fun, and excitement back to the real estate industry.  Our belief here at SmartWay Realty is that this industry is the most exciting career one can chose if He/ She desires to gain personal growth, success, wealth, professionalism, and retirement all in one while actually having fun helping clients acquire one of the most important assets of their life; a home or an investment.

The SmartWay Story:
 A very successful entrepreneur and one of the United States most successful trainers came across one of SmartWay Realty's most talented powerful leaders in Los Angeles, California.  This connection created one of the greatest unions this country has ever witnessed.  An outstanding relationship was created never to be duplicated again.  These great men accepted the challenge and created one of the best opportunities of this decade.  This union and the advanced training system enabled them to not only grow to great numbers, but created a powerful presence in INC. magazine.  They were thrilled with the results but knew that there still were industries (mainly real estate) that involved thousands of  people that were facing some very difficult challenges, and "The SmartWay Business System" was born. Their first challenge was creating a powerful company and training system that could not be competed with.  The next step was to create an unique compensation program that would be a total win/win for the Agents.  Within the first year, SmartWay Realty has already drawn the attention of the industry's leaders. 

SmartWay Realty is destined to become the most trusted name in the real estate industry.

Why do you need SmartWay Realty?

  • We do business in California and Nevada
  • Up to 90% commission splits
  • The opportunity to build a real estate business in multiple states with one license
  • The real estate company that was built for the Agents; not the Broker
  • Stability in a failing economy
  • Security
  • Long term success not just short term gratification
  • Finally, retirement type benefits
  • Work "smarter, not harder"
  • Peace of mind
  • The opportunity to "Build" a real estate business with other agents without the liability of a Broker
  • Because it is the "Wise Choice"
  • A training company that guarantees results!!!